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           Graphic Associates' first location was at 1530 East 19th Street, a 5,000 sq. ft. facility that housed ATF Offset presses, Senator paper cutters, Challenge machinery, ATF hand set type and letterpresses, Brown cameras, Nu Arc platemakers, Rosback stitcher/trimmers, Solna offset presses along with parts and supplies. 
            Founders  Dick Patterson and Jack Baird started out as a branch office of American Type Founders, a company with an offset press headquarters in Massachusetts and a letterpress headquarters in New Jersey. In 1966, White Consolidated Industries acquired ATF and with that a business model shift occurred , branches became dealerships and we became ATF Associates.  In 1968, White Consolidated decided that dealerships' names could NOT include ATF and with that GRAPHIC ASSOCIATES, INC. "Distributors Of Graphic Arts Equipment, Type and Supplies" was born.  The focus of Graphic Associates  has remained similar throughout the years to include sales and service of graphic arts equipment.
            The end of the 1970's brought an increase in offset printing,  line-o-type machines were still popular, and computer typesetting was on the horizon.  The days of  handset type and letterpresses were on the decline and it was just a matter of time before letterpresses would be totally gone.  In August of 1993 the ATF Foundry in Elizabeth, NJ closed and so did the letterpress era of printing.
            With opportunity for growth, the purchasing of  Dodd Camera's Graphic Art's Division, and the need of a larger facility, Graphic Associates moved to 1240 Carnegie Avenue in 1977. A facility that would more than double our size and allow GRAPHIC ASSOCIATES, INC.  "The Printing Equipment Specialists" to expand  our product lines, adding  Ryobi,  Komori, Hamada, and other multicolor offset presses. 
            On the prepress side, D.S. color scanners, step and repeat machines, and  film processors were added to our portfolio.  A larger building also allowed us to concentrate on supplies by taking on new lines: Kodak , DuPont, Silvermaster, Agfa, and Anchor just to scratch the surface of new vendors.  
            Unfortunately the end of the 1980's also brought the end of our original parent company, ATF, in Whitinsville, MA.  Not being able to keep pace with the wider format offset presses, ATF closed their doors in July of 1990, bringing an end to an over 40 year relationship with us.
             One of the perks of being at 12th and Carnegie in the early 1990's was that Jacobs Field(today's Progressive Field) was being built. In 1994 we were prime parking real estate for the Cleveland Indians' baseball games.  Downtown Cleveland was also beginning to attract more businesses and residents. To take advantage of the real estate opportunities, we sold our building and moved out of downtown.   It was nice being near the baseball stadium though!
            In May of 1995, Dick Patterson became CEO of Graphic Associates,  Jack Baird retired and Rick Patterson had become president of the company. We moved to our current location, 4717 Hinckley Industrial Parkway, in Cleveland. Around the time of this move the printing industry was shifting to digital printing and small offset presses were beginning to fade away. GRAPHIC ASSOCIATES, INC.  "Finish First With Graphic Associates", had to adapt, so we changed our focus from offset printing equipment to digital finishing equipment, representing Duplo and Morgana.
            November 1, 2015 marked the beginning of Graphic Associates' 49th year.  Rick Patterson shared his insight on how the company has stayed successful in the printing industry  for so long. "We adapt to the change in new products and technology."         
            Graphic Associates' next phase, with the ever evolving printing world, is our relationship with Canon OCE where we will expand into wide format digital printing with the Arizona line of flat bed UV printers. We look forward to the future and are thankful to our customers for the many years of patronage!








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