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May's  Spotlight  Printer :  A "CUT"  Above the Rest 

The Cuyahoga Valley Career Center (CVCC) provides technical education programs for youth and adults. Graphic Associates’ long-time customer and good friend, Bill Delgado, has taught the Graphic Imaging Program in CVCC for 19 years. During those years, Graphic Associates has supported the program by servicing machines, donating equipment or answering any queries about the printing industry. Bill expressed his thanks for the many years of support Graphic Associates has provided, “Truly, a company we can lean on. Not only for technical support but with anything we need help on. We can’t thank you enough because anytime we call anyone is ready to help us.”


When Graphic Associates visited CVCC, the Graphic Imaging Program was getting ready for their special once a year activity, “Benjamin Saves the Books.” Based on a children’s book with the same name, the program serves as a field trip for third graders with activities that promote reading. In our interview with Bill about the program, he explained, “The program is also designed to introduce children at a young age to the world of print. They get to print their own t-shirts and scratch pads. Benjamin Franklin, also visits them-- a student dressed up as him--and gives them prizes whenever they answer a question about printing correctly. The children walk away with the t-shirts they printed, and a fun and informative experience about the world of printing."


The Graphic Imaging Program, aside from the activity “Benjamin Saves the Books,” is also involved in competitions. They were Skills USA’s state champions for Graphic Communications in 2005 and 2006  and  for the Career Pathways showcase in 2013 and 2014.


On a more personal note, after 38 years as an educator in graphic imaging, Bill will be retiring this year and along with his wife Cookie, will open a winery called, “The Blind Squirrel Winery.” Graphic Associates wishes him the best of luck in his future endeavors.


Graphic Associates is proud to be associated with a program that is an integral part of the future of our industry.

Thanks for having us, Bill!

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