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The Evolution of Die-Cutting Machines

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It’s hard to appreciate how much technology has made it easier for us. Operating machines wasn’t always just pushing a button.


This month, in traveling back to the past, we feature the New Duplo UD-300 On Demand Die Cutter. Die cutting, for those unfamiliar to it, is a process where shapes are cut from a range of paper stock (similar to cookie cutting) by using a shaped knife and pressing the edge into tone or a number of layers of sheeting. The UD-300 has made this process incredibly easy. The New Duplo UD-300 simultaneously performs multiple cuts, slits, slit-scores, perforations and window punches on a range of paper stock up to 14" x 20" at 3,000 sheets per hour. The principle concept of the New Duplo UD-300 Die Cutter is based on a rotary magnetic cylinder, a conveying drum and a flexible die. Dies are custom-made according to each customer's specifications. Jobs can be quickly configured through the user-friendly control panel. With a minimal set up time and easy operation, users have the ability to change jobs within minutes. The operator doesn't even need to be experienced to use it.


An earlier version of the die-cutting machine is Chandler & Price’s Hand Feed Letterpress. Chandler & Price was a manufacturing company founded in 1881 in Cleveland, Ohio. They manufactured machinery for printers, one of them the Hand Feed Letterpress machines, but they ceased production of presses in 1964.


Below is a comparison of the process to set-up the machines for the operation:



Thanks to technology, 69 years has given us 10 fewer steps and a lot less to worry about. Most of the Duplo UD-300’s set up can be done through its built-in touchscreen panel. Die cutting has come a long way, 10 steps to be specific.


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UD-300 On Demand Die Cutter can be seen in operation at our office. Call us at (216) 485-877 to schedule a demo!

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