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April's eNewsLetter FinishLine's A "Cut" Above The Rest

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April's  Spotlight  Printer :  A "CUT"  Above the Rest




Brothers Printing, a print shop along Euclid Avenue in business for over 95 years, has been one of Graphic Associates’ loyal customers for a number of decades. It’s one of the few union shops left located in downtown Cleveland.  Their specialty is that they do not specialize. Their “soup to nuts” approach allows them to handle all jobs large or small.


Most people think the name, Brothers Printing, refers to Jay and Dave Kaufman, the two brothers who currently own the company; however, the business was founded in 1917 by a gentleman whose last name was Brothers and his partner was the father of Jay and Dave. It was in the 1950’s when ownership officially passed to the Kaufman family.


We stopped by their shop and  talked  with Jay about the value found in our Scheduled Maintenance Agreement,  since they've had their Baum 2015 Paper Folder, Duplo 5000 Booklet Making System and Morgana Auto Creaser under contract with us  since 2005.


A Scheduled Maintenance Agreement has the following benefits:


  • Factory trained technicians with a combined 50 years of experience
  • Machines are regularly cleaned, oiled & adjusted
  • Professional evaluation of parts that are showing wear
  • Flexible service scheduling at the client’s convenience


When we asked him what he had to say about the service, Jay Kaufman said, “The service itself is excellent. The technicians always arrive promptly, make the repair, and test run to confirm it is working correctly.”


One of the important benefits for Jay was the technician's expertise on the machines, “When it comes to electronics, it’s so complicated. We don’t have the expertise to diagnose a board going bad, nor are we able to test or repair them.”


Our Scheduled Maintenance Agreement also entitles a client to priority scheduling when they call for service.  Jay is very satisfied with the response time, especially when an emergency arises, during a job with a tight deadline.


Jay also mentioned that it’s great to have the peace of mind that OSHA’s guidelines are being followed, a difficult task for any print shop without a dedicated maintenance department.


Congratulations Brothers Printing on your many years as an integral part of Cleveland's printing industry. Thanks also for the tour and your hospitality.


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