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It's January and that means... Print Week!

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It's January and that means... Print Week!
The Patron Saint of Printing, Ben Franklin, just recently celebrated his birthday on January 17. This marked the start of Print Week, a celebration Printing Industries of OH & N. KY organizes to have the Graphic Arts industry get together, catch up and network.
To get in-depth knowledge behind the celebration, Graphic Associates sat down with Lisa Udowski, a Business Development Director for the Printing Industries of OH & N. KY. "We have a week-long celebration for each region, Southern, Central and Northern," Each region celebrates differently. The Southern region has a Bierstube and a banquet. Both events have already occurred in the past week, the Bierstube on the 19th and the banquet on the 21st. But don't fret, two events are still coming up! The Central banquet will be on January 28th at the Creekside Conference and Event Center in Gahanna, OH and the Northern Ben’s Bash will be on February 4th at The 100th Bomb Group in Cleveland, OH.  Ben's Bash will be the culmination of the whole celebration, Printing Industries of OH & N. KY website dubs it as "the highlight of the print scene." Hall of Distinction members will be honored at this event along with Print Excellence Awards winners for different categories such as books, hard-bound, booklets, to name a few. "This year we just added for students to submit work," "A big part of everything that we do is trying to get that next generation to come in to the graphic arts industry. And that's been a challenge for quite a while." Printing Industries of OH & N. KY also offers scholarships to students who are interested to pursue a career in the graphic arts industry.
When we asked about the origins of Print Week, we found out that it was originally a much bigger national event held at the IX center and was more like a trade fair. Although the event is now scaled down, it continues to have the original purpose-- to celebrate printing and the people within the Graphic Arts industry.
Thank you, Printing Industries of OH & N. KY!
Additional details and registration for the upcoming events can be found on Printing Industries of OH & N. KY website.
The Printing Industries of Ohio • N. Kentucky provides programs, offers services, and promotes an environment which assists members to improve profitability, adapt to the future and support the printing industry. Learn more about Printing Industries of OH & N. KY here.

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